If you’ve gotten this far, I’m assuming you feel there might be a fit between my copywriting skills and your needs.  Hopefully, I can answer some of your additional questions below.  If you still have questions after reading through this, or if you just want to chat to see if I can help you grow your business, please contact me here or at Lisa@christoffelcopywriting.com.


Q:  What kind of copywriting services do you offer?

A:  For a partial list of the specific types of copywriting I do, please see the Copywriting Services tab.  I am a copywriter trained by AWAI (American Writers and Artists Inc:  the leading copywriter training company in the world), skilled in many areas of direct marketing.  If you don’t see the service you are interested in listed, please contact me to discuss.

Q:  What’s your process if I were interested in engaging with your company?

A:  I make it as easy as possible for you and I to begin to get to know each other and determine if we would be a good fit.  Simply fill out the Contact Form on my Contact page, letting me know what kind of copy support you need.  I’ll get back to you usually within 48 hours to set up an initial discussion for us.   From our discussion, I will provide a proposal:  this estimate is FREE, and you have no obligation until we’re both satisfied that I can deliver the service you need.  Once we determine we’re ready to work together, we’ll follow a standard process to gather the information I’ll need to produce compelling copy for you.

Q:  How long does it usually take you to complete a project?

A:  Since I can have multiple projects in the pipeline, my completion date will depend on the combined amount of work, the required deadlines, and the effort required for your project. I obviously cannot jeopardize any existing commitments, but we’ll take a look at your needs and see what we can do to make the deadline a win-win for us both.  I will never commit to a deadline I can’t meet, but I WILL commit to you that you will have your copy on your desk on or before our agreed upon deadline.

Q:  Do you offer unlimited revisions or guarantee your copy?

A:  I guarantee that you will always be delighted with the quality of any copy you get from me. I will work with you to revise anything you’re not happy with and I’ll do it FAST. Any revisions requested that are within the scope of the project and requested in a timely manner  (within 30 days of delivered copy) are included in my flat fee rate.  My business depends on your 100% satisfaction that you’ve received the quality project you’ve paid for.

Q:  How much do you charge?

A:  Usually, I will set up initial discussions with you before I provide you with a quote, so that I’m sure I understand your business, your sales goals, your existing marketing, and any other factors that will help me understand how to deliver a product that will meet your needs.  There are some types of copy that have fairly standardized prices because the process and effort is consistent regardless of client-specific needs.  However, most copywriting relies on understanding your specific needs, your target customers’ needs, wants, and desires, and where you want to take your product/business.  Once we understand the goal, it’s much easier to put together a plan to get there, which includes what the copywriting services are and how much investment you’ll want to put into the project.

Q:  Do you offer services not listed on your services page?

A:   I am able to deliver copywriting services not listed on my Copywriting Services page.  If your project requires that an email campaign be accompanied by a social media campaign as well as a feature article, a press release, and/or a newsletter, or you want an evaluation/re-write of your website pages to support the new campaign, we can discuss adding those additional services.  I am a copywriter, though, and not, for example, a graphic designer.  My specialty is using words, and I want to make sure you get my best!

Q:  What are your qualifications?

A:  As the business manager for a global consumer product contact center for many years, I spent a considerable amount of time writing training programs for our agents and support staff, designing quality programs to improve our support to our customers, and writing and editing our call scripts, procedures, and web support documents.  I learned global consumer wants and desires, product expectations, and what we needed to say to them to help them not only be satisfied with our products, but be delighted to own them.

I’ve also taken specific steps to ensure that my work will provide value to you by getting copywriting-specific training from the best in the business.  I’ve taken American Writers and Artist’s Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting, participated in a web intensive conference hosted by world-renowned copywriter trainers Joshua Boswell and Nick Usborne that focused on website audits, content marketing strategies, email auto-responders, web optimization, effective email campaigns (Jay White), SEO, and social media, attended a client-focused weekend hosted by copywriting legend Bob Bly, and participated in a financial copywriting intensive conference hosted by million dollar copywriter Clayton Makepeace.   I’m a member of AWAI’s Circle of Success copywriting group.  I’ve also taken courses in writing for the financial market, the health market, B2B writing, travel writing, fundraising and grant writing, and am a member of AWAI’s Professional Writer’s Alliance.  I’m also a member of the National Association of Professional Women.

As you can tell from my testimonials, my strength in leadership is in understanding and supporting my people.  I learned who they were, what motivated them, and then worked with them to get the highest quality work from them, while also ensuring they were benefiting by increasing their skillsets and making themselves more valuable. I know what they lay awake at night worrying about. I leverage that leadership experience in my copywriting, getting to know our prospects and understanding them to the point that I can motivate them to take the action you want them to take, by understanding what their needs and wants are.


P.S. If you have an immediate need you can Contact Me at Lisa@christoffelcopywriting.com.   Give me a brief description of the project and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours (or sooner).  There is no charge to discuss your job with you and give you a cost estimate. And no obligation to buy.   Contact me today!