Copywriting Services

Christoffel Copywriting offers a full line of copywriting services.

Below are a few examples, but please feel free to contact me even if you do not see your request listed below.

Web copywriting, SEO, Site Audits:  make your website hum with inviting, engaging copy that draws readers in, holds them on your site, and compels them to take action.

Newsletters:  keep your list engaged with you by offering them relevant content

Case studies, white papers:  ensure your customers and prospects know the true value of your product by showcasing them using non-sales content that really does a powerful sales job.

Emails:  short copy, long copy, whatever works in your market, ensure you’re hitting the mark with good subject lines, good headers, and engaging content that draws the reader through your email and compels them to click on that link.

Blog posts, social media set-ups, posts, feeds:  don’t miss out on this awareness-building opportunity to touch your prospect and keep yourself in front of them.  Provide relevant content to build their trust.

Articles and Advertorials:  showcase your value by providing tips and content to your readers that solves a problem AND leaves them wanting more.

Sales letters, landing pages, VSLs:  increase your sales with compelling copy that taps into your prospects deepest desires and worries.  Ensure your solution is at the top of their list by using copy that drives them through the letter, page or video, not letting go until they click that button.

Fundraising packages:  the success of your efforts can only be realized when you use copy that works.  When you need to have your prospects opening their wallets, irresistible copy is required.

Direct mail packages:  get noticed with gripping copy from the outside of the envelope through to the sales offer.

Contact me to discuss how my copywriting services can help you improve your direct marketing efforts with copy that drives prospects to take action.